Carved Circular 'Loo' Table. 1980-82

I had some wonderful clients in my early years.

Chuck was one of them. I made a few projects for this man. He had a keen interest in various period styles. The work I did for this man ended up being quite important for me as it was very early on in my life as a woodworker. We had a lot of fun during this time. Chuck would present me with an image from a book or an idea. I then sat down and threw out sketches until we were both happy with the overall look. In the end I completed four major projects for him.
As I type this (2008) I am reminded of the era. I was newly married to Daphne (still am) with a brand new baby (Jessie) and another on the way. We rented a small house in Saanich (just outside of Victoria BC) with a one car garage that I turned into my shop. I had a small table saw, a jointer and a band saw for stationary power tools. Anything else I might have needed I rented from a larger shop or used a machine in a buddies shop.
It was around this time that we were saved from Disco by the materialization of Stevie Ray my mind, an event worth mentioning.

I should also mention that I did not do the carving. I made everything, did the major carving and shaping, turning and the top all as you see it....but the carving details were performed by my old friend Catherine Wood.

I apologize for the poor image quality. The images are photos of photos and the originals were taken a long time ago.