The Studio Woodworking 2014-15 student project was a frame and panel chest.
I always like to make the same projects as the students so the various procedures and processes can be demonstrated accurately.
This is my version of that chest.
The chest is quarter sawn ribbon grain solid Sepele for the most part. The panels are bookmatched and double fielded, and the frames joints are haunched mortise and tenon. The corner joints are a kind of interlocking double rebate.
The aprons are veneered in Pau Ferro.
The marquetry panel top is quartered Sicamore, figured eastern Maple, Lacewood, died black Costello, and Tamo Ash. The underside of the lid is curly Anigre.
The lid stay is all wood with brass pins. The curved stay itself is laminated layers of Sepele veneer (7 layers if I recall...)
The Tray is lovely local western Birch with half blind hand cut dovetails. The tray slides on birch rails, and has a fun little spring loaded 'stop' to prevent the tray from sliding and being damaged if picked up. The stop is really not necessary, it was more of a drafting and making challenge for the students. As so many of the items I design are.