In 1987 I worked for a production company that did a four part TV movie/pilot for Disney Studios. It was called Earth Star Voyager. I was on the construction crew.

All of the sets were built in what were (the year before) the Expo 86 grounds on False Creek in Vancouver. We used a bunch of the Pavillions that were still up.
Specifically I made the bad guys space ship, the interior. 'Admiral Beasley'
. (aka: Richard Donat)
The Pavillion that was turned into my shop was the 'Phillieans'. Easily one of the nicest 'shops' I have ever worked in. The south end of the building was about 50 feet from False Creek with a fabulous view of the harbor through 20' high floor to ceiling windows.

This was a very exausting but fun job. The hours were long and fast and I met some great people.
I was offered more movie work after this project but turned it down. I enjoy my family and doing things apart from work too much to devote my best hours and days to a job working for someone else. Besides, it all seemed a little rediculous. All that pressure and money to build sets for a movie that would all be torn down and chucked. Having said that, it was an excellent experience and a great way to make very good money.

Here are the few snaps I have of that:

This thing looks like a submarine....but it was actually mounted upside down from
the way it was built, inside the structure pictured below.


This was the set used to shoot the interior of the bad guys space ship. The circular
platform is the dolly track for the camera.
The best part of this job was at the end of building this stuff. I was 'on call carpenter'
during the three days of shooting all the scenes in this set. That was fun to watch.