Greetings and thanks for stopping by.

Sorry, I am not currently building instruments.

For those that wonder what I am up to these days; Work-wise I have developed a fine woodworking program
that is hosted by Okanagan College in Kelowna BC. I am helping other folks to understand the honorable
trade / craft of woodworking.
If you would like to know more about Studio Woodworking, click here....

In the fun department I have been bashing my old 4x4 around the amazing outback in the Okanagan area.
I have also designed and built/modified a
custom motorcycle of my own during the winter of 2013-14.
I rode that bike 23, 000 kms last summer,
but the project is not quite done as I continue to poke away at lots of details this winter.
For me it is all about learning. With the modification of my truck (as well as a ton of repair LOL)and the making of the bike
I have become a competent welder, I learned how to form metal panels the old school way, and now am taking a stab at
machining a few parts for the bike project this winter.
Great fun.

Although I am not currently building instruments and being Timtone, I retain this domain and website
for the future, to maintain a web presence, and occasionally help Timtone owners find new homes for their instruments.

It is my goal to eventually return to my own studio and the work that I love. If you are interested
in being part of Timtone version 2.0, drop me a line and say hello.


Cheers, Tim Diebert.

December 2014




There are currently no Timtones for sale....sorry.





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Custom Guitar Maker Electric Acoustic - Canada

Teaching woodworking, fine woodworking, furnituremaking and studio woodworking at Okanagan College in Kelowna BC Canada. Click here for more information:

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Custom guitar maker in Canada - Tim Diebert, designer and builder of custom electric, acoustic and bass guitars and sells them online in Canada, the USA and around the world.

I am a designer and builder of custom solid body, semi acoustic and acoustic instruments. The instruments I design can be within any scale length. Through detailed discussion with every client, every job that goes through this shop is custom designed, planned and hand built strictly for the end user, the client.

Over the years I have developed a construction style that allows me the ability and freedom to adapt and combine any series of elements that might appear on any instrument into one personal project. Each project is voiced through selection of woods, dimensions, electronics, shapes and bracing to suit the needs of every client.

Every neck I build has a dozen elements that I have control over and allow me to create the perfect neck for each player. As with all aspects of my work, all necks are made individually.

Our electronics are as advanced as any in this field. My rigs vary from basic, to over the top with tonal flexibly. We build custom pickups for any application.
I use fine and rare materials or highly figured woods if requested. Complicated artistic inlay is frequent. We do all sorts of odd and unusual combinations of custom work and have come to be known as the last shop, and the best shop that will actually attempt the instrument that a client has in mind.

Since 1992. Online since 1996.

Tim Diebert