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Prior to working as the Joinery and Studio Woodworking Instructor at Okanagan College I worked 29 years in the trade.
I would estimate 70% of that time was self employed in my own small shop. When I did work for someone else, the range of employers included: Furniture makers, cabinet makers, a millwork shop, a ship wright, yacht builders, a handrail maker/installer and a movie production company.

Here is a brief summary of the range of work I have been involved in:

-Fine custom made stringed instruments. I made many styles and designs in acoustic, semi acoustic and solid body. I made mostly guitars and basses but also some baritone, multi necked and experimental projects. My instruments can be found in many countries around the globe.

-Casework, wall units, kitchen cabinets, and millwork. Flat panel and curved panel. Pre-veneered or hand veneered.

-Full staircases straight, curved and spiral in both homes and yachts.

-Frame and panel walls and ceilings. Book matched and hand laid veneer paneled walls, in both sequence matched flat panel as well as frame and panel styles.

-Custom windows and doors in homes and yachts. Straight, square, arch and multi shaped tops as well as outside and inside curved doors for both furniture and passageways.

-Sets and props for a Disney TV movie. "Earth Star Voyager". I was mainly involved in the interior set for the bad guys solo space ship. (Admiral Beasley)

-Small parts for airplanes and sports cars.

-Custom furniture. Scratch designs in period and contemporary styles.

-Restoring and repairing instruments, furniture and wooden boats.

-I have build new wood boats and done the interior and exterior woodwork for several fiberglass yachts.

-I have done a lot of inlay work in precious materials such as exotics woods, shells, bone, horn, and metals.

-I have a lot of experience in many facets of veneer work.

-I have also done a wide range of finishing techniques.

I am now in the business of sharing my experience with you. Whether for apprenticeship or Studio Woodworking students, I hope to help you in achieve your goals in Woodworking.